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Final- Betting on Zero, Essay

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Rubric and promt link

promt rubric - Google Sheets

PROMPT Your are a hedge fund manager proposing to either purchase shares or short sale Herbalife?. You need details and specific facts to support your stance to the investors and that align with your prediction of the future of Herbalife. Does your financial stance align with your moral stance?. Should ethics be consider in financial decisions? Minimum 1 page due during your sections scheduled final

Permission Slip Link

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Please review, print, sign, ang return the permission slip to view the documnetary "betting on zero" on or before wednesday 5/10.

easy extra credit

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email me your favorite color

 identify assignment ec

subject line:ec first name last name #

example:   ec kelly alton 7

worth 50 bonus points on the asignment of your choice.

I will not be giving this assignment in class, this is a way for me to verify who is visting the class site and reading the assignment post.

I must recieve your email by 7:30am on 4/20


Rubrics contact and blog- overall

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Rubric:  Web Design Assignment-overall" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Rubric:  Contact & Blog

Make sure you utilize the rubric to unsure you have all elements. Have a family member grade your site using the rubrics it will help insure you have all the elements complete.

Website are do monday by midnight

link to rubrics in classrooms

Website Completion

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Above is the link the the homepage rubric

I will make all rubric available 4/12

your completed website is due 4/15 by 2:30 pm

the project will be broken into 5 grades

  1. Homepage
  2. Blog/ Contact page
  3. resume (high school) Goals & Action plan (middle school)
  4. Fourth Page (high School)                   Calendar (middle school)
  5. whole website - overall impression, design and evidence of a relationship between all sections and content. (did you develop a connection between all pages or is there a section that doesn’t fit)


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(middle school students) Remove photo gallery and input a calander. Add your action plan and goals to corresponding dates. Email edits before Monday morning 7:30am. Assignment intials CL

subject line CL Kelly Alton 4

Edit 4th page

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(high school students) Choose to use your 4th page as a calander, photo gallery, or web store. Edit page, add photos, events or merchendise. Turn in the edited 4th page before school Monday, 730 am. Assignment intials FP.

Subject line:  FP Kelly Alton 4

RESUME final draft posted

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Need Resume posted to page 3 of website, the about page. Needs points of interest, pictures and/or videos for example. Due before 7:30am Thursday 3/6

Subject line: RS first name, last name class period

example RS Kelly Alton 1